Viernes 21 de septiembre  •  12:00 horas  •  Auditorio I, Campus III
Los invitamos a la presentación del siguiente libro Insect behavior: From mechanisms to ecological and evolutionary consequences, editado por los Drs. Alex Córdoba Aguilar (Instituto de Ecología, UNAM), Daniel González Tokman (Red de Ecoetología) e Isaac González Santoyo (Facultad de Psicología, UNAM) 

  • Dr. Miguel Rubio Godoy
  • Dr. Mario Favila (Red de Ecoetología)
  • Dr. Daniel González Tokman (Red de Ecoetología)
  • Dr. Alex Córdoba Aguilar (Instituto de Ecología, UNAM)
  • Dr. Isaac González Santoyo (Facultad de Psicología, UNAM)

Resumen del libro

Insects display a staggering diversity of behaviors. Studying these systems provides insights into a wide range of ecological, evolutionary, and behavioral questions including the genetics of behavior, phenotypic plasticity, chemical communication, and the evolution of life-history traits. This accessible text offers a new approach that provides the reader with the necessary theoretical and conceptual foundations, at different hierarchical levels, to understand insect behavior. Insect Behavior is divided into three main sections: mechanisms, ecological and evolutionary consequences, and applied issues. The final section places the preceding chapters within a framework of current threats to human survival – climate change, disease, and food security – before providing suggestions and insights as to how we can utilize an understanding of insect behavior to control and/or ameliorate them. Each chapter provides a concise, authoritative review of the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological foundations of each topic.